’A melodic ride to hell with humour and irony’

Die Presse

’This is a touch of grand opera with focus on the art of acting’



’The Infernal C omedy is ultimately impossible to categorize. But that’s the breath of fresh air in an art form in which you know most of the plots before entering the opera house’

Opera News Magazine


’The performances were riveting, the music exquisite and Malkovich/Unterweger, as the magnetic center of his own universe, was appropriately full of hissing contempt and moral putrefaction’

Today’s Zaman/Arts & Culture





Tour 2010


Luxemburg - May 11

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Bruxelles - May 12

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Istanbul - May 14

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Hamburg - May 16

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Athen - May 25 & 26


Recklingshausen - June 2-6


Toronto - June 11 & 12


Quebec - June 14



St. Petersburg - July 11

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World premiere - Vienna 2009


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John Malkovich, Martin Haselböck © Nathalie Bauer
Confessions of a serial killer © Nathalie Bauer
The Infernal Comedy © Philharmonie Luxemburg
The Infernal Comedy © Philharmonie Luxemburg