The Infernal Comedy - DVD

 A film by Matthias Leutzendorff


In 1976, Jack Unterweger was convicted for the murder of Margaret Schaefer and sentenced to life in prison. While imprisoned, he committed himself to reading and writing, eventually earning literary respect both inside and outside the penitentiary. In 1984, his autobiography "Fegefeuer" (Purgatory) became a bestseller. Convinced that he was a reformed man, the state released him on parole in 1990. J.U. became a celebrity in literature circles, got booked for speaking engagements and appeared on talk shows. Not everyone was convinced of his transformation, since during this period a growing number of prostitutes in Vienna, Graz, Prague and Los Angeles had disappeared and were later found strangled. The police took Jack under surveillance but he managed to flee to Miami where the FBI finally caught up on him. In 1992, J.U. was detained, evidence against him was overwhelming and in 1994 he was finally found guilty as charged for nine counts of murder. Soon afer being sentenced, he used the string fromhis prison jumpsuit to hang himself in the cell. The documentary provides a behind the-scenes look into the rehearsals for themusical-theatrical production. John Malkovich, who takes the leading role, expresses his own disbelief regarding everything Unterweger had stated before. The press hoopla around the famous actor is somewhat reminiscent of the press throng that surrounded the serial killer, during his second trial. Interviews with the author of the "Vienna Woods Killer" and the creators of that genre-breaking piece openmore doors.


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The Infernal Comedy - 2 CDs

Producer: Klaus Feldmann / NCA

Audio book with music (english)
Live-recording of the performance at "Ronacher", Vienna, July 2009
Specially Re-edited CD-Version
NCA, Order Nr. 60223
Distributed by Harmonia Mundi


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